Barnet Homes contractors R. Bensons recently helped Rosa Morison get their Hydrotherapy pool up and running  again by saving the day with a quick turnaround on an essential repairs job.

The Hydrotherapy pool stairs at Rosa Morison had become damaged,  the boards were rotting and water was gathering on the steps. This meant that staff and service users could not access the pool – which was a concern for the Rosa Morison as the Hydrotherapy pool is at the centre of therapeutic sessions for service users.

The bespoke steps, used by staff to enter the Hydrotherapy pool, were originally built and donated to the service 13 years ago and were in a poor state of repair.

Barnet Homes got in touch with their contractors R Bensons to see if they could repair the steps for the Rosa Morrison Team. R Bensons quickly got to work on the stairs, using their specialist staff to overhaul the old steps in two days.

Richard Buckman, Manager at Rosa Morison said: “The hydro-pool here at Rosa Morison is a central focus of the therapy we offer our service users, so it was a concern that the steps to the Hydrotherapy pool had rotted away so badly. This meant the stairs were unsafe to use and that staff and service users would potentially not be able to access the pool for some time.  So it was amazing that Barnet Homes’ contractors Bensons were able to do such a quick turnaround and repair the steps for us.  In the end, the pool was only out of action for two days so brilliant job done by Bensons.”