For many young people who have just finished their exams, a summer of fun stretches ahead.

However, a selection of youngsters who come from schools and colleges across North West London have decided to use their free time to help others.

They have signed up to the National Citizens Service, which is a 3 – 4 week experience that helps young people (aged 15-17) build up their confidence as they embark on the next phase of their lives. College, Uni or working life?

Pictured are young people at Rosa Morison at last year’s NCS Challenge.

This group of young people have decided to help raise positive awareness around people with learning and/or physical disabilities.

The young people need to raise money for equipment and supplies to repaint the outdoor furniture and freshen up the sensory gardens at Rosa Morison.

Rosa Morison is a day service for adults with profound and complex learning and physical disabilities.

The NCS Challenge also gives young people the opportunity to interact with staff and service users – and they in turn also enjoy the social interaction!

If you would like to follow what the young people are doing on this year’s NCS Challenge at Rosa Morison go to:

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