Barnet Supported Living Service (Supported Living) helps people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible in their own home.

By offering service users support in all areas of living, we help them to enjoy life to the full, both at home and out and about. We encourage people to develop and maintain purposeful and meaningful skills.

It is important to us that people are secure and happy. That’s why we ensure people live in neighbourhoods that they like and that meet their needs. We offer 24-hour support where needed.

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Phone: 020 8440 9278

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What we offer

We offer support to people with learning disabilities who may also have:

  • physical disabilities
  • autistic spectrum conditions
  • long-term conditions such as dementia and epilepsy
  • sensory impairments, and
  • mental health conditions.

People are allocated a key worker as soon as they join us. The key worker works with them and – where appropriate – their family members and friends to create person-centred plans that help them with all their everyday needs.

These plans identify:

  • what support they need
  • individual goals
  • what activities they enjoy.

Whether people like dancing, going to the cinema or simply socialising with friends – we help them make it possible. We’ve even supported customers to go on wonderful holidays in places like Europe and America.

To find out if Supported Living can help you or your family, please contact us today.

“Living independently”

“Michael was born 44 years ago in Hong Kong where I was serving in the Army. Over the years our family has travelled the world.

“Five years ago my wife, Michael’s mother, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She needed more help than anticipated and eventually passed away. It was a difficult time in our lives and for both of us a supported living service was the best option.

“Now Michael, with the help of Supported Living, lives in his own place. He cooks his own breakfast where the support workers bring around his cream each morning; watches television, including wrestling and sports; and does lots of activities with his friends. Supported Living staff help him daily to live an independent life.

“He does regular weekly activities that include a grammar group; lunches with friends; and one-to-one time with staff to do things like shopping and going to the cinema. He does lots of different activities during the week and uses public transport and walks where he can.

“I spend every Wednesday with Michael. Firstly, I take him to do volunteering work. We have lunch and then in the evening we go to the Jubilee Club which I run. We speak on the phone up to four times every day. We also spend time together at weekends.

“I love my son with all my heart and Supported Living has allowed Michael to become an independent adult.

“The carers at Supported Living are good, it is a good place and I trust all of them with Michael. My partner Jane, under the will, would take over responsibility for Michael if anything were to ever happen to me but we’d both like to keep him under the care of Supported Living, living independently, as he is very happy there.”

Michael's father Brian

Praise for Harold Court from the aunt of a resident

“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how absolutely delighted we were to hear from T on Sunday – using his new mobile phone!

“I had seen a missed call that afternoon and thought it a misdial as I did not recognise the number. When my phone rang again on Sunday evening and I answered to hear T – well, I cannot tell you how wonderful that made me feel. In all the years that we have known T, he would never have made a call to us. Not only that, but the conversation was………a conversation! T told us where he had been that weekend and what he had been up to. Once we’d finished talking, he asked for his other auntie, Carole. I could hear the excitement in his voice – it was amazing!

“Since going toHarold Court, T has started the long journey to becoming his own person. We have been so impressed by the continued careful support he has received from such a dedicated team.

“We are all very grateful.”

The aunt of T