CommunitySpace is a day service offering support for adults with a wide range of learning disabilities.

Our staff support people to take part in activities that meet their needs and interests. Using person-centred planning tools and approaches, we work with individuals (and families and carers where appropriate) to establish personal goals.

The focus is to support people to develop skills, gain more independence and become a valued part of their community.

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Phone: 020 8359 3205

For general enquiries about Your Choice Barnet visit our contact us page.

What we offer

We work with each service user, along with their families and carers, to set targets and goals.

We then develop and implement plans, identifying outcomes and setting targets to achieve these.

Progress towards personal goals is reviewed and evaluated, with plans continuously changing to reflect people’s achievements and new interests.

Outcomes that people want to achieve could include:

  • support to learn how to travel independently
  • developing computer skills
  • taking part in college courses as a step towards employment or volunteering.


If service users like horse riding, we can help them to access local riding stables.

Some of the people who currently use our service enjoy keep fit, Zumba, Tai Chi, working out at their local gym and going bowling – the opportunities to try out and enjoy new things are endless!

We support individuals to go to the cinema and attend events in or around London. We also help them use and develop their skills in arts and crafts.

Activities take place across the borough of Barnet and beyond. Our service is arranged via teams to cover four geographical areas using community venues to increase service user’s knowledge and use of their local facilities.

To find out if CommunitySpace can help your family please contact us today.

“Caring for Scott”

“After the unexpected death of my wife three years ago, I had to leave full-time employment in order to provide full-time care for our son Scott.

“CommunitySpace is absolutely fundamental for our family.

“Scott attends CommunitySpace everyday and thoroughly enjoys it. Scott sits in anticipation every week from 9am and excitedly waits by the window where he can see his bus arrive that takes him to CommunitySpace.

“Community Space provides activities I can’t provide at home including things like transport to and from CommunitySpace, arts and crafts, games, swimming and the gym. Every day they keep Scott doing different things and he loves it.

“I’ve never been able to take Scott out on a bus or train or down the road to the park; but CommunitySpace can. They’ve given Scott the opportunity to do these everyday things which he otherwise would never do.

“Scott needs 24 hour support. While CommunitySpace takes care of him during the day I get out and do my regular walk to the supermarket which allows me to do a bit of exercise, watch some TV or listen to the radio.”

Scott's Father Edward

L’s big move

L comes to CommunitySpace on Mondays and Thursdays. She has been using Your Choice services for twenty years. Her mother died last year and she felt she was ready to move on into independent accommodation after a lifetime of living at home with her sister and mother. Encouraged by Maggie, a support worker at CommunitySpace and Audrey, a support worker at September Court Supported Living service, plans for the transition were made. L’s friend M lives in a flat at September Court and L would visit once a week for tea and a sleep-over to see how she and M would get on living together.

L is now happily living independently at September Court. She told me a couple of weeks ago that she has still to achieve her life’s ambition of owning a shopping trolley and a green budgie called Freddie, but that she has painted her bedroom pale grey, while M’s is now painted pink. They are still deciding what colour to paint their sitting room!