The YCB Employment Project started in 2017 and is dedicated to supporting adults with learning disabilities. The Your Choice Barnet Employment project welcomes referrals to help people with sensory and physical disabilities as well as those with mental health conditions or on the autism spectrum.

Most of those referrals end up working with our team at BILS/CommunitySpace.

The project continues to build on its successes year on year. The latest story to come from the YCB Employment Project is the story of a young man with autism who was keen to get into the world of work. But lacked the confidence and was unsure of his skills.

Working closely with Nikki Barnett and Francesca Olmi from the YCB Employment Project, the young man was able to start volunteering at a local community enterprise/café. He now absolutely loves it and his confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. So much so that the café wrote into Nikki and Francesca to credit not just the young man, but the team as well.

“Since September John was given various opportunities and experiences in order to start learning about the world of work. I like the fact that Francesca took the time to get to know him and his interests and then work on his skills. I think that this was valuable time spent so that John has gained the confidence to try new things with someone he trusted.

“The fact that your team is constantly searching for new experiences and work opportunities and giving the participants choices is great support.”

If you know someone who you think would benefit from working with the YCB Employment Project, please call:

020 8359 3202

or email: