PA Choices is our Personal Assistant Service, which aims to match people who are in receipt of direct payments with personal assistants who are able to support them on a day to day basis. The service has only been going for a year, but customers using the PA Choices service are already reaping the benefits of having support just when they need it.

The benefits of having a PA is that it is tailored to meet the specific needs of any individuals. This can be the times when this support is needed or what the wants and wishes are of the individual.

One individual, BM, who has mild learning difficulties and is being supported by one of the PA Choices assistants, Angela, is thriving.

A message praising the PA Choices service he receives came via the Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust:

“This is to let you know what a difference your support worker is making to our client, BM, with mild learning disabilities. Angela has worked wonders working with him to build his trust. She supports him to be independent and to grow in confidence and subtly teaches him new skills.

She adapts her services to what he needs when he needs it. She correctly judges when he is ready to accept necessary changes to his lifestyle and helps him own the changes and carry them out. Three years with three different care agencies have not been able to achieve what your service has achieved in a couple of months.”

PA Choices is all about supporting people with social care needs to enjoy a fuller life.

For more information about PA Choices call us on : 020 8359 4621 or email