Quartz Court celebrate Chinese New Year

//Quartz Court celebrate Chinese New Year

Quartz Court celebrate Chinese New Year

Residents at Quartz Court had a second good start to the year. They decided to get together and celebrate Chinese New Year, which starts this month.

Like most cultural festivals and holidays, residents enjoyed a fabulous spread of traditional Chinese food.

Quartz Court is part of the Your Choice Barnet service which manages supported living for vulnerable and older people. Events like this encourage a very close-knit and special community feel at the scheme.

The Chinese New Year is determined by lunisolar, which is movements of the sun and moon. There are also twelve animals which represent each month and form the Chinese astrological signs. This year is the year of the rooster!

According to tradition, when friends and families gather for their Chinese New Year meal, it’s when they also welcome good luck vibes for the incoming year.

Quartz Court residents are in for good times this year if their amazing banquet, (pictured) was anything to go by!


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