We can provide housing management and social care services on behalf of other organisations. We also offer consultancy and training in a number of areas.

If you believe we canĀ assist you or your organisation, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What attendees say

Here are some of the comments from attendees at previous seminars and workshops:

“The avoidable contact workshop pulled together elements from a call centre environment that are familiar to most organisations. The big difference was it focussed on the true nature of a contact centre – to serve the customer, not as an admin function for the rest of the organisation. It reinforced the need to equip call staff with knowledge of all areas of the business and to ensure communication between these is second nature for a slick operation.”

“The work of the Rental Income Team is a real credit to Barnet Homes, truly exceptional. I found their presentation about maximising rent collection excellent and felt a sense of real team spirit with staff who knew their stuff.”

“It was very useful having the opportunity to hear from residents directly involved in scrutiny and get more of a sense of how resident scrutiny actually works in practice. A great day and very informative, with the benefit of being able to ask the residents questions throughout.”