Let2Barnet Letting Service

  • Free letting service – tenants are matched to your property
  • Open to ALL landlords whether property is in Barnet or out of the borough

Direct Let

  • A completely free service, open to all agents and landlords, where tenants are matched to your property and can pay incentives up £5,000 subject to terms and conditions
  • Dedicated Nominations Team shortlist all our applicants and arrange contact with them for you
  • Rent is paid at the Local Housing Allowance rate by the local authority where property is located. (i.e. if property is in Luton, Luton Borough Council will pay the rent)


  • 12 month Assured Tenancy Agreement
  • Valid Gas Safety Certificate
  • NIC EIC Electrical Certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Land Registry Title Register (valid within 3 months of the let)
  • Landlords ID or the Agents Management Agreement
  • BACs details

Private Sector Leasing

  • Fully managed service for 3 years
  • Interested in properties in Barnet and surrounding boroughs.
  • A negotiator will attend property and determine works are required to meet our current property standards – for free

Requirements: –

  • Gas Safe Certificate;
  • NIC EIC Electrical Certificate;
  • Energy Performance Certificate;
  • Land Registry Title Register (valid with 3 months);
  • Landlords ID;
  • British Gas Homecare Agreement (or equivalent);
  • Building insurance certificate;
  • Consent to let from mortgage company;

Our sister company Bumblebee Lettings is another Private Sector Leasing service you can look into. Services include Guaranteed Rents,

For more information: www.bumblebeeproperty.co.uk

Want to find out more?

Contact us

Phone: 020 8359 4761
Email: let2barnet@barnethomes.org

Empty Property Grants

An Empty Property Grant of up to £25,500 is available to the owners of empty properties in Barnet to help them bring properties back into residential use.

Barnet Council currently operate two schemes for private Landlords whereby they may rent their property to Council tenants directly or lease their property to the Council and we will manage the property for you.

A grant may also be available for owners (owner occupiers) of empty properties who are unable to live there any more due to poor standards or would like to let or lease their property to the Council to house people in housing need. The grant is subject to conditions.

For more information or to get in touch; see below:

Website: www.barnet.gov.uk/empty_properties

Phone: 020 8359 4761

Email: empty.properties@barnet.gov.uk

What Let2Barnet customers say

“We have being working with Barnet Council and now Barnet Homes for the past five years. They are always professional and deal with any problems with great care and concern. Definitely, it is an organisation that is worth dealing with and we are very lucky that they are part of our business.”

George Maifoshis, Property Centre (London) Ltd

“It was really easy to get hold of people, staff very responsive in regard to phone calls, communication was very good and I developed a very good relationship with them, I have been working with Let2Barnet for just over two years.”

Hayley Jex – Senior Relocation Manager, Cedar Housing

“The whole process, from start to finish, was a very easy transaction, everything was straightforward.”

Richard Gaby & Co