We were one of the first social landlords to start using flexible tenancies, giving many new tenants a five year tenancy.

We also issue two year flexible tenancies to young people, which give them the opportunity to a make a positive contribution to the community.

Our special toolkit encourages both tenancy sustainment and independence for tenants to move on to alternative housing provision.

You can view and download the the kit as follows:

Our Flexible Tenancies Procedure is available on request by clicking on the link below.

  • Flexible Tenancies Procedure: how Barnet Homes delivers and manages flexible tenancies.  It includes the full range of supporting documents, templates and legal notices, as well as the Next Step Passport (for monitoring tenants’ support needs). Available on request by emailing.

Flexible Tenancies video:

For further information:

Deeion Sharpe

Senior Neighbourhood Manager

020 8359 4875