The Floating Support Service provides practical assistance and support to help Barnet Homes’ tenants maintain their home and their independence. We have a team of staff who offer short-term support for approximately six months.

Individuals can ask for extra support if they:

  • have rent arrears of six weeks or more or
  • need advice about a transfer or keeping to their tenancy agreement

together with one or more of the following reasons:

  • they have just left care or are living alone for the first time
  • they have been recently bereaved
  • they have been a recent victim of crime
  • they live alone on a regeneration estate and
  • they are suffering or causing anti-social behaviour
  • they are suffering domestic abuse
  • they are returning from hospital
  • they have a mental, physical or learning disability
  • they have a substance misuse problem
  • there are child protection issues.

Our support staff will meet clients at home or at our offices to discuss what help they need.

This might be:

  • help claiming benefits and budgeting
  • practical advice on day to day living tasks
  • support and assistance to comply with the tenancy agreement
  • help to find reasonably priced furniture
  • help to find out about social and leisure activities
  • advice and information about how to access counselling
  • advice on finding training or employment
  • help dealing with other agencies such as the benefits agency
  • support and information about moving.

How long the support lasts

This will depend on their situation. After six weeks we will review the arrangements to see how they are getting on. Our aim is to help them feel more confident in their home. When we think they can manage independently, we will phase out our help gradually with their agreement. They will have a say in when this happens, but it is normally no more than six months.

Apply for support

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    Your gender:

    GP's name and address (including post code)

    Are you a tenant who has recently moved from:
    a hotelhospitalprisoncareother

    Have you used the service before?

    How did you hear about the service?
    LeafletFamilyFriendsOur staffOur websiteIn atHome magazine

    What is the reason for your referral?
    Rent arrearsAntisocial behaviourVictim of domestic violenceProblems managing my homeProblems managing my financeMental health problemPhysical disabilityLearning disabilityNot giving accessSubstance misuseAt risk of using your tenancyOther