Dear fellow residents,

At our last Resident Board meeting on 29 November we discussed and reviewed Barnet Homes’ service performance.

The Healthy Homes team is now fully recruited and dedicated to addressing mould and damp issues within our community.

We continue to monitor and prioritize communication, which needs to be clearer for all, and it was encouraging to observe numerous compliments from residents of certain contact centre agents who have gone above and beyond to provide assistance and support.

Speaking of above and beyond, the 2023 Community Awards ceremony, held on January 25th, was an incredible opportunity to see the achievements of our community members and groups. Congratulations to the winners and nominees.

We are happy to welcome our new member, Marielle Morlette, and congratulations to Jennifer Lyle, who has been appointed Vice Chair of our resident board group.

Looking ahead, we are collaborating with Barnet Homes on the repairs and improvement plan, and we are excited to embark on various scrutiny tasks within different areas of Barnet Homes during the year. These evaluations will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that we continue to prioritise our community’s needs.

If you would like to be part of shaping and helping services that we need, please contact Deborah Beckford by emailing or call 020 8359 5307.

Best wishes,