What is a Mutual Exchange?
A Mutual Exchange is an assignment of tenancy between households who are in social housing. This can be between any social housing tenants (council or housing associations) as long as they have completed their introductory tenancies and are not in temporary accommodation. Tenants can move within or outside of the London Borough of Barnet.

What are the benefits of doing a Mutual Exchange?
Tenants can choose where they want to move to and can swap with anyone within the UK. This can solve an issue of overcrowding or under-occupying. If a tenant downsizes within the London Borough of Barnet, an incentive payment through the Fresh Start scheme may be made.

How do I apply for a Mutual Exchange?
Residents who wish to apply simply need to register their details on to Homeswapper homeswapper.co.uk which is a service that is offered free of charge to tenants of The Barnet Group (including Opendoor Homes). Remember to add as much information as possible about your property as well as uploading photos. It is advisable to view the property you are interested in first, before committing to a Mutual Exchange. This needs to be arranged between the exchange partners.

I have found a property I wish to swap with what are the next steps?
You should complete a Mutual Exchange form, which can be found on our website. If you have difficulties downloading the form from our website, please contact talktous@barnethomes.org. All parties who wish to exchange need to complete one form. Once completed you should send it to talktous@barnethomes.org and we will consider your application. An acknowledgement to your application detailing the process will be sent. Once your Mutual Exchange application has been approved (landlords have up to 42 days from receipt of a Mutual Exchange application to do this), a series of checks will be carried out, such as a gas, electric, and survey inspection of your home. If repairs are identified, they need to be put right before the exchange

When can I move?
Once all checks have been completed and are satisfactory, the landlords will agree on a mutual date for completion of the exchange. A date will be agreed for the assignment of tenancy to take place and by assigning the tenancy to each other, tenants take on the rights and responsibility of their Mutual Exchange partner’s tenancy.

If you would like to know more about mutual exchanges, email talktous@barnethomes.org