Barnet Homes resident, Tracey, shares her experience of downsizing her home through the Fresh Start Scheme.

What do you think of the Fresh Start scheme?
I think it’s a really good scheme. It’s helped me to move home to a smaller and more suitable place.

Why did you want to downsize your home?
I was in a 3-bedroom house with stairs which I couldn’t manage anymore. It was a maisonette with internal stairs, 3 steps and then a further 14 stairs up. For medical reasons I kept falling down them or up them. Then when it became really hard for me to go upstairs, I started living downstairs. I now have quite a lot of health and mobility issues. My family have all left home and had their own children, that’s made my move easier. However, it took a long time to find my next property. I’d like to thank Denise Bracken, the Fresh Start Officer, as she went above and beyond to help me.

What do you think of your new home?
This home is all on the ground floor, it’s a 2 bed flat, for me and my carer. It’s only a mile down the road from where I used to live before, I know and love the area. It’s helped me a lot. I am registered disabled, and there’s plenty of parking so I don’t need a designated disabled parking spot anymore. It has a lovely garden which is nice and private. I’m hoping that I can garden this summer!

The Fresh Start Scheme
If you are a social housing tenant in Barnet, you may be eligible for a payment of up to £15,000 if you downsize to a property with fewer bedrooms through our Fresh Start Scheme.

Assistance to help you move
To help make the move as smooth as possible, our Fresh Start Scheme also offers to:

  • Pay your moving costs.
  • Pay for the installation of your white goods, including washing machine andcooker.
  • Pay for your mail to be redirected for three months.
  • Provide B&Q vouchers to help you to redecorate.

To find out more about the scheme, whether you are eligible, and how to get involved. Please visit our website, or call 020 8359 4695.