Barnet Homes Retrofit planning and delivery were proud to present at an engagement event earlier this week for members of Future of London. The presentation included contributions lead by Quinn London and John Rowan and Partners.

A group of professionals with a keen interest in the built environment sector attended to watch presentations on Barnet’s recent Retrofit projects which started off in West Hendon. All attendees who are part of Future of London which is a not-for-profit company come from local and regional authorities, housing associations, and SMEs.

Key speakers by contractors Quinn London, John Rowan and Partners, as well as Barnet Homes’ Paul Jones, Alfred Bentil and Kundai Rusike presented why Retrofit projects are important in improving the sustainability of homes within Barnet. The project allows for energy saving measure to improve the insulation of heat and in homes, which in turn will help reduce energy bills for Barnet Homes residents.

After the presentation, there was a tour of existing projects and a visit to the first home completed under this project. Quinn London confirmed there is a tight delivery pipeline to work towards to ensure 66 homes are retrofitted in phase one of the project, with a further two phases, completion of 238 homes altogether expected to be delivered in March 2025.

Barnet Homes’ Retrofit Resident Engagement Officer, Kundai Rusike says “It was a pleasure to meet the members of Future of London and to discuss the initiatives Barnet Homes is undertaking to improve the energy efficiency of our tenants’ homes. The members showed great interest in the retrofit projects, asking insightful questions throughout the presentation. We also had the opportunity to showcase our retrofit project and facilitate conversations between the members and tenant from our pilot property, who shared their experiences and the benefits they have observed.”

Note to editors: The retrofit project is in collaboration with Barnet Homes, which is part of The Barnet Group, Quinn London who are the appointed building contractors on the development and project management consultancy company John Rowan and Partners who are overseeing the delivery of this project on behalf of Barnet Homes.