Dear Mr Grimond,  

Thank you for your request dated 24 January 2024, asking for information that we hold as follows, please see our responses below in blue:

  1. How many leasehold properties have been sold by the local authority under the Right to Buy scheme (1980) since its inception?


  1. How many of these leaseholds are currently registered at an away address (an address which is not that of the property itself)?


  1. How many properties initially sold under the Right to Buy act have been subsequently purchased by the local authority?

To date we have purchased 259 units that was initially sold under the Right to Buy.

    1. How many of these were purchased on or after January 1st 2020?

Out of the 259 units, 240 of these were purchased after 1st January 2020.

    1. How much money has the local authority spent on purchasing these properties? (If any properties have been sold again after being re-purchased, please also specify this income)

To date approx. we have spent £79,000,000 in total on the purchases. We have not subsequently re-sold any properties that have been previously bought back.


Please also note that also LBB have themselves acquired some RTB units over the years (but Barnet Homes does not hold information on that).

Advice and Assistance

As some of the information you have requested is not held by Barnet Homes but may be held by Barnet Council, they can be contacted at:


Barnet Council

Information Management Team (IMT),

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