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Thank you for your request dated 29 January 2024, asking for information that we hold as follows:

“The average cost, in pounds, of building a brand new two bedroom council flat in the borough of Barnet. This should only include new-build projects, undertaken by Barnet Homes. And to include only those new-build projects started in the last 5 years.


We understand that this may vary by location, project etc. On that basis, please provide examples of the average cost at different locations / projects. If you have any concerns about the commercial sensitivity of this information, please feel free to anonymise each location / project. i.e. At Location / Project 1, the average cost of building a two bedroom property was £200k etc.”


Barnet Homes’ response


Please find below a table identifying three sites where blocks of two bed flats were built within the last five years.


  Cost per 2 bed flat
Location 1                   240,870
Location 2                   223,627
Location 3                   290,819



I would note that identifying the average cost of residential construction projects can be difficult based on a number of factors:


  1. The physical condition of the site can vary the amount of ‘abnormal’ costs; e.g. having to decontaminate land, move utility infrastructure, build within a physically constrained environment etc


  1. Tender prices can be extremely volatile and reflect wider economic / market conditions. The last five years has included Covid-19, the Ukraine war (with the attendant effects on energy costs) and a period of inflation not experienced in circa 20 years; all of these will add to the risk factor that building contractor would consider when pricing a project.


  1. The design that secured planning permission will change from project to project (building height, flat sizes etc) and materials used can vary, which would in-turn influence costs.


To assist your enquiry, we have taken another approach, using benchmarked median cost data from 19 projects across London Local Authorities provided in the last four quarters (£4,197m2) set against an average 2-bed 4-person flat size of 70m2, which would equal £293,790 per 2 bed flat. Although this is not an explicit answer to your question (as it covers other London Borough’s) it may give a wider picture of approximate current-day costs (noting the same 1-3  caveats apply).


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