Nationally, it is believed that people are missing out on billions of pounds of benefits they are eligible for simply because they didn’t know and haven’t made a claim. Thanks to the Barnet Financial Calculator the council is now able to help residents find out if they are missing out.

Our award-winning calculator asks users to complete a short and simple self-assessment which then tells them exactly what they are eligible for as well as one-click access to then proceed and make those claims. It is also now immediately available via a Google Translate plug-in, in over 100 languages.

But even if you aren’t eligible for benefits but are finding monthly bills a struggle, through our Money Adviser Network, we could help you. If you are in problem debt, we can put you in touch with free, confidential and personalised debt advice through our partnership with the Money and Pensions Service.

And if you would prefer to meet someone face to face, why not come along to one of our outreach sessions – running every Tuesday from 10am-12.30pm at Chipping Barnet Library and every Thursday from 10am-12.30pm at Burnt Oak Library.

Don’t suffer in silence – we are here to help. Find all the links you need and more at