Our contractors Vallectric have funded Christmas parties for residents living in our 14 Sheltered Housing Schemes. They all had lovely afternoons filled with festive food and music. Wellbeing is so important and social events like this encourage tenants to come together. Thank you to the team at Vallectric for funding these get togethers for our sheltered residents and joining in the festivities with them.

Greg Slater, Director of Vallectric said, “Vallectric Ltd are very proud to have sponsored a series of festive gatherings for Barnet Homes’ wonderful residents living in sheltered housing.”

Our Resident Liaison Officers, Michelle McGovern and Jenny Lucas liaised with The Barnet Groups Charmaine Carr to assist with orchestrating the events and thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the seasonal celebrations. Jenny said “It was fantastic to spend time having fun with the residents whom we have both worked closely with throughout the year and got to know so well.”

Bridget Mullins Sheltered Housing Manager said,  “Many thanks to Vallectric for generously sponsoring the Sheltered Scheme Christmas Parties this year. Vallectric have worked closely with tenants in our Sheltered Housing over the last couple of years carrying out Fire Safety works. This really kind and thoughtful gesture is greatly appreciated by the tenants who have enjoyed meeting up to chat and have lunch and celebrate Christmas together.

Thank you to the Sheltered Housing Officers (SHOs) have worked hard to ensure that the parties were a great success! Preventing loneliness is one of the most important part of SHOs roles, and social interactions are important for the good mental health of people of all ages but especially older people, and those who are less mobile. Events like these can be very important for those who may otherwise not have family or friends locally.”