The rise in the cost of living is something that we have not seen since the 1970s, impacting gas and electric, fuel, broadband, water, food, and perhaps the ability to meet your rental obligations.

We are here to help, with lots of support options available.

We can support you with maximising your income, benefit checks, exploring grants, budgeting sessions, connecting you with free impartial agencies. Rent is a priority debt and as your landlord we understand that many customers will need help to get through these challenging times – please contact us for assistance.

Budgeting your income is a good starting point for making your money go further. The links below are helpful tips on how to budget your money. The first step of making a budget is knowing how much money you receive on a monthly basis against how much you spend and where the money goes! Consider the following:

  1. Begin with your income. How much do you have coming in?
  2. How much do you spend and what do you spend your money on?
  3. Balance your budget. What changes could you make to make your money go further?

These links may be useful: budgeting/budget-planner

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)
If you are in receipt of housing benefit or universal credit, we will be able to assist you with applying for a DHP from the local council. A DHP could assist you in clearing part or in some cases, all of your rent arrears! For more information, please ring us on 020 8610 3538 and a member of staff will offer you an appointment (telephone/home/ office). Don’t delay, contact us today!

Household Support Fund
The government has issued funding to all local councils to support vulnerable customers who are struggling with the Cost of Living Crisis. If you are struggling with your energy or household bills, please contact us for further help.

Are you an Opendoor Homes customer?
If so, please note that you cannot use Barnet Council’s 24 hour automated payment line to pay your rent or the Barnet Homes/Council website. Rent can only be paid by bank transfer (you can find the details on any rent statement letter sent to you) or by telephoning us on 020 8080 6586 and by speaking directly to one of our officers.

UK Search Limited
UK Search are an appointed contractor of The Barnet Group Ltd. Should you be contacted by UK Search Limited, please be assured that they are working with us to support us with income maximisation.