Today’s we look at someone who has already had a huge impact on the Housing Options service, despite only being here for a few months. Housing Options trainee Abida’s hard work is shining through already

Housing Options are currently running a Housing Needs Trainee programme. The aim is to recruit candidates who have come to Housing Needs from a variety of different backgrounds via various paths. Housing Options work intensely with them providing training, support and opportunity with the view that they will have the chance to become our own Housing Needs experts of the future. It is from within this latest cohort of trainees that we find this week’s Everyday Hero. Abida Khan has been with Barnet Homes for just a few short months. In that time, she has proven herself to be a fierce learner taking on board all opportunities and training and coupling that training with her own set of considerable transferrable skills.

During the last few weeks, Abida has successfully worked with a number of clients with a variety of different support needs – calmly and patiently providing advice and ultimately assisting them in securing accommodation and thus preventing homelessness. To date, she has already secured preventions for four households.

A shining example of this is a case that had been with the team for quite some time up until the previous officer left the service. The case was then allocated to Abida at the end of June, who swiftly completed enquiries and worked closely via Teams with the customer, providing advice and options. This was a customer who is living with a number of physical and mental health conditions and requires a fair amount of support along the process of rehousing. This was provided by Abida who liaised with the client, BOOST, Let2Barnet and his family supporters to identify suitable Private Rented Sector accommodation. After viewing the property, he – with Abida and Let2Barnet’s assistance – was successful in securing a two-year tenancy and moved in the following week. The client was delighted and sent a note of thanks, I have an extract below: 

……. I felt there was no hope for some time. That all changed with Abida, please thank her kindly for her effort, attentiveness and overall professionalism…….

Bella wrote into nominate Abida and say “The above demonstrates why I would like to nominate Abida as this week’s Everyday Hero a great example of the person-centred approach we aim to provide at Barnet Homes.”