Age UK Barnet challenges Barnet residents to try something new this Dementia Action Week (17-23 May 2021)

Age UK Barnet challenges Barnet residents to try something new this Dementia Action Week (17-23 May 2021)

Virtual launch event – Monday 17 May (11am-12noon)
 Timetable of activities throughout the week!

Dementia Action Week is a national event that aims to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. This year Barnet Council Public Health has joined forces with Age UK Barnet and other partners to focus on reducing the risk of dementia.   

Research shows that 40% of cases of dementia can be prevented and that once a diagnosis has been made, there’s still plenty we can do to hold back cognitive decline.   

 ‘Poor lifestyle habits in our mid-life can increase the risk of dementia, for example, lack of physical activity, smoking, poor eating habits,’ says Barnet Council senior public health strategist Seher Kayikci.  ‘We also know that keeping your brain active and challenged throughout life may help reduce dementia risk.’  

In line with Covid 19 restrictions older people were staying at home to protect themselves from the virus. ‘Unfortunately, this has caused other problems such as loss of function – mobility and balance especially as a result of moving around less and the psychological impact of living with so much stress, uncertainty and isolation, leading to increased loneliness,’ says Kayikci.

As we are gradually coming out of lockdown, we are now encouraging people to try something new. The idea is challenging your brain and learning new things is an important way to protect yourself from cognitive decline.  

Throughout the week, we’ll be putting on a host of online and face to face events and activities for over 55s – a great opportunity to try something you’ve never done before.  

Launch event – Monday 17 May 11am-12noon 

Join us for a Q&A with neuroscientist Professor Catherine Loveday on why it’s never too late and never too early to protect yourself from dementia and memory loss. 

Then you’ll get a chance to sample a few of the fun activities for over 55s that’ll be on offer throughout the week. 

11am Welcome and Q&A with chief executive Helen Newman and Professor Catherine Loveday, neuroscientist at University of Westminster 

11.15am Exercise with Wendy 

11.25am Watercolour demo with Felix – grab a paintbrush and join in! 

11.35am Cookery demo with Saj 

11.45am Singalong with choirmaster Jenny La Touche 

12 noon End of event – time to plan your week’s activities!  

To join this online launch event, please click here to register on our eventbrite page. 

Reducing your risk of memory loss

Read our guide of useful of science-backed tips to keep your brain healthy. Just click on the cover below for an electronic version.

For more information about activities and events taking place in the week, please email