During these unprecedented times, we have seen community groups come together and help the most vulnerable in their societies.

Just one of these groups is OneStonegrove, based in Edgware.

The group, run by the Stonegrove Community Trust has so far helped their neighbours by providing:

  • 2,749 meals (1,777 to 12 community organisations and 972 meals to households)
  • 131 food bank parcels
  • almost £2,000 raised on a GoFundMe page
  • 50+ turkeys or crowns to families
  • 35 boxes of bananas
  • 650 smoothies
  • 120 litres soya milk
  • 4,800 eggs
  • 150 loaves of bread
  • 2,000 portions of baby food
  • nappies, sanitary products etc.

And that number is no doubt going to continue to grow. It is part of the crisis we’re going through at the moment that people are reliant on OneStonegrove, but the incredible response goes to show the strength of our communities.

Barnet Homes contributed to OneStonegrove’s response by providing a new chest freezer, and offering next day delivery!

If you’d like to support OneStonegrove, visit their Twitter or Instagram page to get in touch.