The following messages were posted to residents in February 2020.

Dear Tenants,

We would like to provide you with further updates regarding the changes to the Barnet Homes’ repairs service from 1 April 2020. As stated in the last newsletter, our Performance Advisory Group (PAG) – a group of tenants and leaseholders who challenge and influence the way Barnet Homes’ services are provided – has been working with Barnet Homes on their Customer Experience Project which aims to improve service to customers. Following extensive consultation with residents and leaseholders through this project, Barnet Homes has decided to bring their repairs service ‘in-house’. This decision was heavily influenced by feedback from PAG and is aimed at improving the services our residents receive. This means that Mears will no longer be responsible for repairs in your home – these will be carried out by Barnet Homes.

We are getting closer to launching the new repairs service and this newsletter will provide an update on some of the changes you can expect.

If you have any questions about the change, you can email or call
020 8359 5225.

Yours sincerely

John Davies, Chair of PAG

When will it happen?

Barnet Homes will begin managing the repairs service from 1 April 2020. We do understand that there are currently issues with the standard of service through Mears, so we’ve appointed a company called R Benson who will be taking-up some of the repair work between now and 1 April. If R Benson have been appointed to carry out repairs at your property, you will be notified in advance. Please continue to check operatives’ identification cards to ensure that they work for either Mears or R Benson.

Updates to repairs service

Since the announcement that the Mears’ contract for the repairs service was coming to an end, the project team have been busy putting all measures into place to deliver these services directly from 1 April 2020.

We have invested in a new repairs IT system, we have sourced local materials suppliers and have ordered a new fleet of vans. We have also invested in mobile working technology that will allow operatives to carry out repairs in more efficiently and effectively. The spring edition of atHome, your resident magazine, will have a full update on the new repairs service. You will receive your copy at the end of March.

How to raise a repair

You can continue to raise repairs in the same way as before. You can call 020 8080 6587, email or use our online diagnostic and reporting tool at Due to the changes that are taking place with the repairs service, you may find that it takes longer than usual to get through to us at the moment. Our phone lines are less busy on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and so you may find this is the best time to call if you are not reporting something urgent. Of course, we will continue to do our best to respond to you quickly at all times and thank you for your patience.


Further to our last update, the contract with Mears for the provision of gas servicing and heating breakdowns is also coming to an end. This contract will finish on 28th August 2020; at that point Barnet Homes will also be bringing these services back inhouse and Barnet Homes will deliver these services moving forward.

Staying safe

From 1 April 2020, repairs operatives will work directly for Barnet Homes. They will wear a Barnet Homes uniform and have a Barnet Homes ID badge. If you have any concerns about letting people into your home, please call 020 8080 6587 immediately.