In the last addition of atHome we asked you if you would like to receive the magazine by email, rather than receiving it a print copy. We’d still like to hear from you on that so please email us with your feedback (as well as any other improvements to atHome) to

We also want to improve all the other communications we send to you and one of the options our Customer Experience Project Team is looking at, involves sending you an email or text instead of letters and leaflets, where possible.

This means you will be able to get a quicker response from us, rather than waiting for one via a letter, we can link to the information you need directly on our website and reduce waste. In order to do this, we will need some information from you.


Please email: from your own email address and include the below information:

In the subject heading: Contact details update

Your full name and address, your current mobile number, your date of birth and your rent account number.