Barnet Homes will be bringing its repairs service back in-house from 1 April 2020.

We have been working with residents and leaseholders to improve our customer service and experience through our Customer Experience Project. During this process, customers raised concerns around the repairs process, so following an options appraisal with external consultants, we have decided to terminate our contract with Mears and bring the repairs service for Barnet Homes properties in-house.

The repairs service covers internal and communal repairs for tenants and communal repairs for leaseholders. The service also repairs void (empty) properties before they are re-let.

Why we’re making this change

We have spoken to both tenants and leaseholders through surveys, phone calls and face-to-face sessions, and we’ve established some areas of the service which are not up to the high standard we aim to deliver, including customer service and the repairs themselves. We believe that by bringing repairs in-house, we can focus on managing a service that is better for our customers. We will prioritise:

  • Appointments: We will do our best to ensure appointments are given when residents call us and at times that are convenient for them, which are stuck to by operatives.
  • Customer service: We will address inconsistency in the customer care provided throughout the repairs experience. We will ensure requests are listened to fully, and that customers are shown respect.
  • Repairs: We want customers’ repairs to be carried out right, at the first visit. While this is not always possible, we will do our best to inform customers of the next steps and make sure all necessary parts are available for the next visit.
  • Efficiency and value for money: The new repairs service will reduce waste and increase efficiency, providing better value for money. It also reduces our risk and reliance on contractors in what can be a volatile sector.

While we hope to address as many of these issues as quickly as possible, they will not happen overnight and there may be some teething issues with such a big change to the service. We are working with Mears to ensure service delivery remains at a good standard during this handover period.

Gas service

The gas service, also currently managed by Mears, will transfer to Barnet Homes on 1 October 2020.

How to raise a repair

You can continue to raise repairs in the same way as before. You can call 020 8359 5225, email or use our online diagnostic and reporting tool at

Staying safe

From 1 April 2020, repairs operatives will work directly for Barnet Homes. They will wear a Barnet Homes uniform and have a Barnet Homes ID badge. If you have any concerns about letting people into your home, please call 020 8359 5225 immediately.

If you have any feedback or further questions, please email