In partnership with the Barnet Dogs Trust, we have hosted several responsible dog owners events on our estates.  We’ve found that these dog-focused events have been really popular with pet owners.

This summer’s Dogs Trust Event is being held at Grahame Park Concourse, on Wednesday May 29th from 11am to 3pm.

It’s the chance to bring your dog and get them microchipped for free. There’s also training advice, dog nail clipping and basic health and weight checks (for your pooch).

Maintaining the health and welfare of a doggy is very expensive, so do make the time to bring your dog along to enjoy some of these services, which are offered at low-cost or no cost.

It’ll be like an extended bank-holiday for your dog (and hopefully you) so come down to the concourse on 29th May!

We also have a post about this event on our Facebook page. If you are coming, try and let us know in the comment section there – so we know how many hot-dogs to supply…