Dear Anne


Thank you for your email dated 9 March 2019; we have treated this as a Freedom of Information request.


You have asked for the following information:


In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to know which areas of Longford Court building (Hendon) contain asbestos. In particular, is it located in the walls or ceilings? 

Can you please tell me what assessments have been made of any asbestos found? For people who like to do DIY I am sure you can appreciate that this is important information to have.


Barnet Homes’ response:


The table below gives an indication of typical locations where asbestos has been located within Longford Court.  This information has been taken from survey data carried out over many years.


With regard to your query, generally the walls within these properties are solid concrete and do not contain asbestos, however there are areas where asbestos has been located such as infill panels within cupboards, or an access panel in the bathroom.  In terms of Ceilings, we can confirm that no asbestos has ever been located within these areas in this block.


Dwellings in Longford Court


Item & Location Extent Product Type
  1. Cement boards in cupboards
  2. Vinyl floor tiles and bitumen throughout property
  3. Insulation board in cupboard
  4. Insulation board in cupboard
  5. Cement Panel in cupboard
  6. Cement panels in cupboard and kitchen
  7. Cement flue in bathroom
  8. Cement panel in bathroom
  1. <2m2
  2. < 45m2
  3. 1m2
  4. 2m2
  5. 1m2
  6. <4m2
  7. 2 linear m
  8. 1m2
  1. Asbestos cement
  2. Floor tiles
  3. AIB
  4. AIB
  5. Asbestos cement
  6. Asbestos cement
  7. Asbestos cement
  8. Asbestos cement


Communal Areas in Longford Court


Item & Location Extent Product Type
  1. Cement panels to electrical intake cupboards
  2. Gaskets to pipework on roof and tank room
  3. Flash guards (Within electrical fuse boxes)
  1. <2m2
  2. 26 no.
  3. 5 no.
  1. Asbestos cement
  2. Textiles
  3. Well bound


In accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, all communal areas are re-inspected as part of a cyclical reinspection programme. Due to the low level of asbestos within the communal areas of the building, Longford Court is inspected every three years. The next inspection is due in November 2020.


Individual tenanted properties will have an asbestos survey carried out prior to any intrusive works being carried out within a property. Assessments as to the condition of asbestos is carried out as part of the survey process.


Barnet Homes takes its responsibility of managing asbestos extremely seriously, and information regarding asbestos is publicised on the Barnet Homes website and has appeared within the resident athome magazine. Survey reports of asbestos surveys are also available to residents on request in a user friendly format where their homes have been surveyed.


If you are a resident of Longford Court and have concerns regarding asbestos in your home, please contact our customer contact centre on 020 8359 5225 who will arrange for someone to contact you.

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