Between the 10th and 11th December, two British Gas vans parked in and around the Grahame Park Estate were stolen.

The British Gas vans were discovered a day or two later. However, the inside of the van was completely stripped of official British Gas uniforms with official ID attached, tools and other British Gas equipment.

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team have asked us to communicate to residents that there is a potential risk of individuals knocking on your door claiming to be official representatives of British Gas.

They have advised the following:

  • Not to open the door
  • If you are expecting a call-out appointment from British Gas – give them a call first to check that they are actually due on that day/time and the names of the engineers they have sent to your address
  • Checking ID won’t work – so if in any doubt please do not open the door
  • If you have suspicions that the individuals knocking on your door are not who they say are, call the police


Although the British Gas equipment and uniform went missing around the Grahame Park Estate – these individuals could try and pass themselves off as employers of British Gas across Barnet and beyond.