Will you be installing sprinklers within my flat?

Sprinkler systems will be installed in all rented flats within buildings with 10 or more floors and access to a single stairwell. This allows the release of the water to be focussed on the affected areas only in the event of a fire. We will be consulting with leaseholders over plans to install sprinklers within their homes.

How do the new sprinkler systems that you are installing work?

The sprinkler systems will only be activated in the event of a fire. Each sprinkler head is covered by a small glass bulb that will shatter if the heat in the room exceeds a pre-set default temperature, releasing the water. Each sprinkler head will operate separately from each other. For example, if you had a fire in the kitchen and the sprinkler head released water in the kitchen the other sprinkler heads within your flat would not automatically release water.    

I’m a leaseholder, will you be installing sprinklers in my flat too?

We will be consulting with leaseholders over plans to install sprinklers. The consultation will take into account the terms of your lease which detail the responsibilities of the freeholder and the leaseholder. We would like to install sprinklers in as many flats as possible within the blocks to which these works are being undertaken so the system can provide maximum benefit.

Will you be installing sprinkler heads in all communal areas?

Sprinkler systems will only be installed in communal areas with a higher risk of fire, such as refuse storage areas. We will not be installing sprinklers in communal corridors or staircases.

Will you be installing any other fire safety systems within my flat or building?

Smoke/heat detectors will be installed to LD2 standards within all tenanted flats in blocks which have 6 or more floors, as well as in most leasehold properties. This includes a heat detector in the kitchen as well as smoke detectors in the hallway and living room.

Will I be able to hear an alarm if it is triggered in another room?

All of these detectors will be interlinked within your flat, meaning that all alarms within the flat will be triggered in the event of a fire, even if it is confined to a single room. The detectors will not be linked to other flats within the block.

Will these smoke/heat detectors be installed in communal areas?

These systems will not be installed in communal areas, only within individual properties.