Change of contractor for commercial boilers

//Change of contractor for commercial boilers

As from 1st August 2017, Purdy Contracts Ltd. will begin providing services for commercial boilers at Barnet Homes properties, taking over from Robert Heath Heating.

Properties with commercial boilers installed are:

  • Blessbury Road (Hemmings Court): 71-97
  • Bulwer Gardens: 1-29
  • Cheshir House: 1-28
  • Church Crescent: 1
  • Christchurch Close, Summers Lane: 1-16
  • Derby House: 1-17
  • Drummond House: 1-34
  • Finchley Road: 694-696
  • Friern Barnet Road: 17-21
  • Gadsbury Close: 25-63
  • Grahame Park blocks: Albatross (1-40), Halifax, Guilfoyle, Rapide, Ratier
  • Hanshaw Drive: 1-42
  • Little Larkins: 1-24
  • Lynford Close: 1-30
  • Market Place: 37-65
  • Rectory Close: 1-23
  • St John’s Close
  • St Johnstone House: 1-25
  • The Potteries: 1-42
  • Vale Court: 1-20
  • Wimbush House: 1-31

If you are experiencing a problem with your commercial boiler, please call the Purdy customer contact centre on 019 9270 3410. You can call this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residents with a domestic boiler inside their properties will continue to have their boiler services provided by Robert Heath Heating.

Shortly we will be posting up details of how you can check what kind of boiler you have.

All Purdy staff will carry Purdy identification cards, with their photograph and job title clearly shown. If you are in any doubt as to the identity of any visitors to your property, or if they are not carrying any I.D., please call the Barnet Homes Contact Centre on 020 8389 5225 immediately.

 Barnet Homes also operates a password scheme, which you can find out more about here.

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