Time to walk!

//Time to walk!

Gym memberships and motivation come and go, but since May marks National Walking Month, it’s the perfect time to set some new realistic fitness goals.

National Walking Month is an initiative from Living Streets (the UK charity of everyday walking), whose aim it is to make our nation a fitter and healthier one.

Walking is accessible to all fitness levels and ages and free – so why not use National Walking Month to increase your overall fitness.  Just aiming to make a few simple changes to your routine can make a difference.

For example, try walking part of your journey to work – take a stroll from the tube station to the office or get off the bus one stop earlier.

Barnet has a wealth of parks where you can walk or run and get a dose of the great outdoors at the same time, Barnet Council has lots of helpful information their website.

You can also find/share walking routes on the Living Streets website.

Happy walking!

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