Time to do some ‘defensive’ gardening

//Time to do some ‘defensive’ gardening

There is nothing more satisfying, as the gardening season arrives to see the fruits of your labour result in a lovely garden you and the family can relax in. Just don’t be too laid back when it comes to keeping your garden and external areas secure.

The long, light evenings are precisely when gardens become such a place of relaxation for people that sometimes we forget to lock that shed door or close the patio doors/windows.

So, just in time for National Gardening Month this April, Barnet Police have issued some tips on how to do some defensive gardening.

The police urge you to #besafe and remember to protect your home from burglars by adopting the following security measures:

  • Keep hedges and walls at the front of your house low (under 1 metre) so burglars have nowhere to hide
  • Keep side gates locked at all times
  • Install outside security light so intruders can’t approach without being seen
  • Install a burglar alarm
  • Do not leave ground floor windows, doors and patio doors open unattended over the summer months, even if you are just upstairs or in another room – particularly important if you live in a ground floor flat
  • Always keep your shed locked and secured. Often sheds contain valuables burglars love to target such as bikes, power tools and other gadgets

There are more tips and information about how to prevent your garden and therefore your home from intruders in the Metropolitan Police leaflet on defensive gardening:


Via social media, Simon Rose, Barnet Borough Commander, conducted a briefing on defensive gardening which you can view here: http://bit.ly/2pMNYz1

Please keep your gardens secure and safe this summer.

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