David Fitt
David FittCommunity support manager
“As Community Support Manager I have overall responsibility for ensuring the service is running to its full potential. I act as the main point of contact when setting up new contracts and monitoring existing ones. I also work closely with our varied suppliers to ensure the equipment we provide is the most fit for purpose available.”
Edward Wanyoike
Edward WanyoikeSenior operator
“I run the contact centre element of Barnet Homes Assist. This involves managing a team of high performing operators when responding to varied and different emergencies. No two calls are the same and whether its fire, police, ambulance, a lone worker call or any number of other queries the team and I are ready to help.”
Callum Styles
Callum StylesSenior mobile response officer
“As Senior Mobile Response Officer I have three main areas of expertise. I am the manager of the mobile response officers providing 24/7 emergency response; I focus on the delivery and installation of emergency equipment; I organise the planned visiting service for registered social landlords.”
Mobile response officers
Barnet Homes mobile response team, providing 24/7 emergency response, delivery and installation of emergency equipment and a planned visiting service.
Mattia Narciso
Mattia NarcisoMobile response officer
Jas Bellamy
Jas BellamyMobile response officer
Dawn Currie
Dawn CurrieMobile response officer
Hammy Radia
Hammy RadiaMobile response officer
Kiril Angelov
Kiril AngelovMobile response officer
Alan Scott
Alan ScottMobile response officer
Michael Ryan
Michael RyanMobile response officer
Timothy Wanjohi
Timothy WanjohiMobile response officer
Olanyi Odubade
Olanyi OdubadeMobile response officer
Nigel Thompson
Nigel ThompsonMobile response officer


The operators are the first point of contact for all calls into the service.