There when you need us

The Assist vision: To enable people to remain safely independent in their own homes for longer through the use of assistive technology and technology enabled care

Call monitoring




Trained to respond to a wide variety of emergency calls including push button pendants, memory loss aids, fall alerts, fire alarms, epilepsy monitors and many more, our team of professional operators answer emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide call monitoring for individuals living in their own homes or for registered social landlords looking for call monitoring. 

“I feel safer knowing they are there should I need them.” 

Mr D

“They were so calm. It really helped me waiting for the ambulance to arrive.”

Mrs S



With family and friends spread far and wide not everybody has three local key holders able to attend in an emergency.

Our mobile response officers provide basic first aid or liaise and give access to the emergency services if and when required.


This service is available for both individuals wanting to remain independent in their own homes and for registered social landlords looking to provide cover when their staff are away from site.

“Our family is pretty spread out and none of us are close enough to get to Dad quickly. He pressed the alarm and didn’t answer so they went straight round, found him on the bathroom floor and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. Thank you for looking after our Dad.”

Mrs S (daughter of Mr E)

Emergency mobile response

On-the-spot installation service


With Assist it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You contact Assist and ask for an on spot installation,
  2. An officer attends your property at the agreed appointment to carry out a no obligation demonstration of how the equipment works,
  3. The officer carries out the installation of equipment and fills in the forms with you or they take the equipment away, happy to return another day if you renew interest in the service.

This service is available Monday – Sunday between 10:00 – 16:00 (including bank holidays).

“They were friendly and made it very clear for me.”

Mrs R

“I was a bit nervous to call but I’m glad I did. It only took a day or two before I had my alarm installed.”

Mrs H



Over 20 years’ experience working with Telecare and assistive technology has enabled us to develop an extensive network of suppliers and contacts within the industry.

As a result we are proud to be able to offer an excellent range of the latest assistive technology to support individuals to remain safely independent for longer.

“It was quicker than I expected and they really knew what they were doing.”


“I only got the alarm to keep my son happy. But now that it’s in I wouldn’t be without it.”

Mr P

Equipment rental and purchase

Planned visiting service



In years gone by our mobile response officers’ role originated from a floating scheme manager for Barnet Homes sheltered housing blocks.

It’s evolution into the current form has been built upon experience of planned daily welfare checks for registered social landlords who require last minute or planned staff cover for sickness or annual leave.

This service is available Monday – Friday (including bank holidays).

“A very nice man. Very helpful. Thank you.”

Mrs JH



Due to the nature of the services we provide we have individuals lone working when providing installation services, emergency mobile response and planned visiting services.

We make use of the “Jontek Lone Worker Lite” to ensure that their safety is a top priority.

Our experience providing these services puts us in a strong position to provide lone working to other organisations.

Lone worker monitoring