“My current job role provides me with great satisfaction because I can make a fundamental change to people’s wellbeing and welfare.”

I’m the Head of Housing Management overseeing Rental Income, Leaseholder Services, Neighbourhood Management and I lead on Welfare Reform and Regeneration related projects.

My journey at The Barnet Group started in 2012. My drive for social change led me to take on extra projects and responsibilities outside my job description. It enabled me to develop my own learning path and professionally grow at The Barnet Group. Hence, my roles since then have included Team Manager in Homelessness Service, Service Manager at Housing Options and Head of Housing Management.

My current job role provides me with great satisfaction because I can make a fundamental change to people’s wellbeing and welfare. Being a manager gives me the belief that working together with staff and customers, we can transform systems and interactions, shaping and driving new visions about how the whole service works.

Residents contact us when they are in crisis, hence how we choose to give advice is important and makes a real difference. At times it can be incredibly difficult working on the front line. This is true if you work within YCB or Barnet Homes. Being focused on what is best for the customer despite this pressure is a real challenge but difficult interactions should never undermine our commitment to deliver what works best for our residents. We are fortunate that we have so many staff across Barnet Homes and YCB that continue to work do so.

What also makes The Barnet Group a great place to work is the opportunity for innovation. If you are proactive and have good ideas I have found that the organisation will support you and help you develop your project.

One of my proudest moments as a manager was being part of a team that developed an innovative method for handling Universal Credit in 2018. Working collaboratively with different managers and officers across the group, we put in place new processes and systems to help people claim universal credit and avoid accruing rent arrears. The way that staff across the organisation have engaged with residents who claim universal credit and improved upon the work that the project team started has been fantastic, it’s made a real difference to our tenants, enabling many people to keep their tenancy and avoid financial problems.

What I have learned over the years working with The Barnet Group is that you are responsible for growing your skillset and facilitating your own personal growth. It starts with utilising your 1 to 1s and appraisals to voice your aspirations to your manager, and making sure you use the advice that you get back from them.  There are different ways to develop and not all these are obvious at first or necessarily meet our own idea of where we want to go. Put yourself out there and take on additional learning opportunities (even though this may sometimes mean more work!). Ultimately, you are the person who defines who you want to be.