The sad news is, hate crime offences being reported to the police have risen by 10% in the past year. Around 12% of hate crime offences were estimated to have more than one motivation, with the majority of these being both race and religion.

Research has shown that hate crime will only increase is left to go unchecked within a community and creates a less tolerant environment for people to live and work. Hate crime can be targeted against its victims on the grounds of disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, race, religion or national origin.

It can include offences such as verbal abuse, criminal damage, bullying, assault, harassment and offensive graffiti. There has also been a recent surge in online hate crime, particularly through our increasing use of social media.

The good news is, The Barnet Group is supporting Barnet Council in tackling hate crimes by encouraging members of the community to report any hate crimes they witness. This is so that the police and their partners can understand patterns/areas of hate crime and target resources toward stopping it.

Throughout Hate-Crime Awareness Week, The Barnet Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime Project will be hosting events across the borough this week to encourage people to become Hate Crime Reporting Champions. Expertise will be shared by a range of organisations including Barnet Council, to spread awareness and understanding of hate crime, and the effect it has on its victims.

  • Barnet Council’s offices in 2 Bristol Avenue, Colindale, NW9 4EW, from 10am-3pm on Wednesday 16 October
  • Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Edgware, from 10am-1pm on Thursday 17 October
  • Golders Green Bus Station from 10am-2pm on Friday 18 October.

There is also a number of venues in the borough known as Hate-Reporting Centres where if you witness a hate crime, you can report it. Some of our buildings, including Your Choice Barnet’s Flower Lane Day Centre, are Hate-Crime Reporting centres. You can find your nearest one here:

Hate Crime Awareness Week