The Hope of Childs Hill (THOCH) marked a successful year since launching its local bike initiative last summer by hosting a visit from  The Barnet Group’s contractors Bugler, who officially gave their support by making a contribution to the bike project.

As keen supporters of the charity, The Barnet Group, Barnet Council and councillor for Childs Hill were also present at the event. The Barnet Group’s Director of Development & Growth, Derek Rust said: “I love it when projects like these are able to get off the ground and deliver good outcomes for local residents. I’ve worked in housing for 30 years and initiatives like these are at the heart of what we do.  I want to extend my thanks to Bugler for their contribution to the THOCH bike project, we have an ongoing relationship with them and want to carry on working with them in the future.”

THOCH spearheaded by Anthony Dawodu, organises activities that support the local community development by promoting well-being in the Childs Hill area in Barnet. One key specific initiative that is well received and attended by the community is the provision of a range of bicycles donated by TFL for use in the park for all age groups at the weekend. This gives families who do not own or have use of a bicycle the opportunity to enjoy riding in the park.

Anthony says since the launch of bike lessons the amount of people cycling in the borough has increased and the ‘feel-good’ factor residents get from making progress with their cycling is contagious.

He said: “One of the good things about THOCH it contributes towards helping families in Childs Hill lead active lifestyles. A young man has started a local football club from other youngsters he has met through the bike classes.”

Childs Hill Ward Councillor, Shimon Ryde, has also lent his support to the THOCH project since its conception. Cllr Ryde said: “Anthony has identified a need for the community, which is why the THOCH project has done so well. We feel positive about the biking project because residents have responded so positively

THOCH hold their cycling classes every Saturday from Basing Hill Park from midday. The sessions are free and it’s easy to register. Just use this link.