Due to the extreme cold temperatures and snowfall, Barnet has enacted our Severe Weather Emergency Protocol and accommodation is available to all rough sleepers whilst the temperatures remains below zero.

Rough sleepers should be directed to Homeless Action in Barnet, a homeless day centre at 36B Woodhouse Road London N12 0RG , T: 020 8446 8400 to be verified, who will then direct them to Barnet House to be provided with accommodation.

If a member of the public is concerned about someone sleeping rough, they can send an alert to StreetLink via the StreetLink app or via http://streetlink.org.uk. This service will alert the StreetLink outreach team for the rough sleeper to get the support they need and StreetLink are able to refer directly into our Out of Hours service for accommodation for that night.

We are working closely with a number of partners across the Borough to engage with as many rough sleepers as possible to enable them to access accommodation.