We recently updated The Barnet Group Business Plan 2016 – 21, which is in its second year (2017/18).

Our ‘Good to Great’ Business Plan sets out our vision for the future and is all about delivering improvements and developments for customers and the community.

We are delighted to report that we have already achieved some positive outcomes that benefit the community-at-large.  These include celebrating the anniversary of the Domestic Violence One-Stop-Shop and refuge and opening a sensory garden for the service users at Rosa Morison. We’ve also expanded our successful employment support project BOOST (Burnt Oak Opportunity Support Team) into Childs Hill.

The Barnet Group is growing in scale and ambition and our Business Plan sets out our visions as we continue to focus on the journey to become a ‘Great’ organisation.

Part of this is making sure we deliver consistent and cost-effective services that meet the needs and aspirations of our customers.

The Barnet Group Business Plan 2016 – 21 is available to download – here.

You can also find it by going to the ‘publications’section of The Barnet Group website.