Schools in Barnet regularly top performance league tables, but how much do we really know about the work that goes into making the schools in the borough such a success story?

Barnet and Southgate College have just launched the Barnet School Awards to celebrate the amazing and unique achievements of students and staff in Barnet schools.

There is some great work happening in local schools and the community, which is why Barnet Homes is particularly proud to be a sponsor of The Barnet School Awards this year.

The awards are open to anyone attending or working in a school in the borough of Barnet and the nominations window is open now and closes on Monday 5 June 2017 5pm.

Anyone can nominate as long as they are working for a Barnet school or have a connection to a school in the borough. For example, if you are the parent of a child who attends a Barnet school, you can make a nomination.

So, if you know an inspirational student or a support staff member going that extra mile, now’s your chance to see them get recognition. You can find out more about the Barnet School Awards and nominate from Barnet and Southgate College’s website:

The funding to sponsor the awards came as a result of our Performance Advisory Group’s (PAG) work with our Gas contractors Robert Heath Heating and the First Time Access Fund. The First Time Access Fund is an arrangement where Robert Heath pay £1 every time a resident allows them first time access to carry out the annual gas safety check.

One good turn creates another.