National Apprentice Week is the perfect opportunity to promote The Barnet Group’s Apprenticeship Scheme – so it’s also fantastic to be able to report on the achievements of our apprentices past.

This week Kirsty Johnson, a former apprentice of ours, who now works for the Barnet Homes Operations Team, was asked by her old school to come and talk to pupils about the benefits of an apprenticeship with us.

Friern Barnet School hosted a careers day with a number of employers, including The Barnet Group, represented by Kirsty and Jacqui Jones (our Employment and Training Co-Ordinator), coming into the school to give pupils careers advice.

Kirsty said it felt good to be able to talk to current pupils at her old school as she can remember the decisions she was trying to make at a similar age.

Kirsty said: “It felt good to be able to push the Barnet Homes’ apprenticeship scheme to students at my old school. The Year 9s were the most engaged and receptive as they are coming up to the time when they need to think about their next options.”

Well done to Kirsty for representing The Barnet Group and inspiring other young people to consider an apprenticeship with us.