Your Choice Barnet (YCB) would like to correct some inaccuracies and clarify some misunderstandings regarding YCB which arose at the public Question Time session at Friern Barnet Library on 20 June, as follows:

Concern was raised that some of the services are being closed, in particular CommunitySpace on a Friday, this is not the case, CommunitySpace is open on Fridays, all of the services are being utilized and growth is a top priority for YCB.

A further comment was made that YCB was created to make a profit; again this is not the case, YCB was created by Barnet Council to ensure that the people we support could continue to purchase our services using their personal budget allowances. YCB does not make a profit and has had to make savings in this financial year of £400,000 in order to break even.

The required savings were the reason for the salary reduction of 9.5% for all staff, including managers. In spite of the pay cut YCB employees are still paid well above the median identified in the benchmarking exercise amongst equivalent organisations within the care and support sector in London. YCB’s salary band for support staff is between £8.80 and £12.40 per hour, with the vast majority of employees on the higher rate. All travel costs within the working day are provided and staff benefits are still significantly more generous than our competitors.

There was also a concern that the cuts we have had to make will lead to a lower standard of care being provided, there is absolutely no evidence of this. Despite the current unsettling times the dedicated teams continue to provide a quality of service second to none and we continue to receive thanks and praise from the parents and carers of the people we support.

Julie Riley

Director of Care and Support

The Barnet Group