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The Barnet Group have five core values which set out what we stand for, and how we behave. 

As a Group: we have a public sector ethos with a private sector commercial focus

As Barnet Homes: great service, delivered at great value that makes a positive difference to people, homes and communities

 As Your Choice Barnet: empowering people to live the lives they choose, as independently as possible

Inspiring Trust

  • Open and honest
  • Does the right thing
  • Walks the talk
  • Takes a stand

Being proud

  • Talks positively about The Group
  • Supports the Barnet Group
  • Champions the Barnet Group
  • Puts the Barnet Group First

Responding to Individuals

  • Engages with empathy
  • Takes a flexible approach
  • Changes ways of working
  • Creates a responsive organisation

One Team, One Outcome

  • Works well with others
  • Works across teams
  • Builds partnerships and relationships internally and externally
  • Builds a unified approach to delivering outcomes across Barnet

Taking Ownership

  • Focuses on doing a good job
  • Creates own measures of excellence
  • Seeks out challenging assignments
  • Takes the lead

Leadership values

The following values are particularly critical for staff in leadership roles, although we believe that all of our staff have the potential to demonstrate informal leadership in the course of their work:

Inspiring others

  • Supports the team
  • Builds team commitment and engagement
  • Positions themselves as a leader
  • Communicates a compelling vision

Delivering Results

  • Delivers tasks well
  • Deliver tasks to agreed deadline
  • Monitors performance
  • Sets expectations of standards
  • Creates a culture of accountability

Encouraging Innovation

  • Is curious and adaptable
  • Explores broadly
  • Applies new thinking
  • Shapes the agenda

Commercially focused

  • Manages resources effectively
  • Increases efficiency
  • Maximizes use of resources
  • Takes a long term perspective

Strategic and visionary

  • Is logical in their thinking
  • Cuts through complexity
  • Creates clear direction
  • Creates the future vision