The different tenancy changes are listed below:

Tenancy change Description Criteria
Succession Tenant passes away and other household member wishes to take over the tenancy Household member has lived in the property for more than 12 months

Is a spouse, partner or child of the deceased (unless flexible tenancy, then only spouse or partner can apply)

If a discretionary succession, applicant is required to have a housing need under the Barnet Homes allocations policy.

If the property is larger than the applicant’s needs, unless they were the spouse of the tenant, they will be required to move to a smaller property of a suitable size.

If succeeding to a 5 year or 2 year flexible tenancy, the tenancy review date does not change.

In certain circumstances a Carer of the tenant can ask to succeed the tenancy – our Code of guidance states that we will consider a carers application for succession if they can prove that they’ve lived at the property for 12 months as their main and principal home, they have been receiving carers allowance for the tenant and they also have a housing need

Assignment Tenant wishes to assign their tenancy to another household member Same criteria that is relevant to the succession (see above)
Sole to joint Sole tenant wishes to add their spouse or partner to the tenancy Spouse/partner has lived in the property for 12 months OR has a valid marriage certificate
Joint to sole Joint tenant wishes to remove the other tenant from the tenancy Both tenants must sign and agree to hand the tenancy over

Or a court order is obtained by one tenant giving sole possession of the tenancy to them.

Name change Tenant wishes to change their name on the tenancy Can provide evidence of a marriage certificate OR deed poll of name change OR can provide a valid photo ID such as passport with the new name


If you need to apply for one of the above tenancy changes, you should contact the Customer Contact Centre on 0800 389 5225, who will email you the relevant forms to complete and return. All tenancy changes will be reviewed by your Neighbourhood Housing Officer and then the request is passed to the Neighbourhood Housing Manager to approve the tenancy change.

Click here for a Tenancy Succession form.