How to claim Universal Credit

///How to claim Universal Credit
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Universal Credit is ‘digital by design’ which means you will need to complete and manage your claim online. It is important to complete your application as soon as you lose your income or know you need to put in a Universal Credit claim. Universal Credit is paid in monthly arrears so the sooner you complete your application the sooner you will receive your payment.

You will need to complete your application form in one go as the system does not allow you to save your application and return to it later. You will need to provide information relating to your income, household makeup, tenancy agreement type and rent costs, so before you start it will be useful to have the following information with you:

  • Your postcode
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Details of bank, building society or credit union account you want your Universal Credit payment to be paid into
  • Your rent/tenancy agreement
  • Details of your savings or other capital
  • Details of any income that’s not from work e.g. from an insurance plan
  • Details of any other benefits you’re getting

You might also need these details for people who live in your home, e.g. your partner

You can make your Universal Credit claim online here.

If you have questions relating to your Universal Credit claim you can call the Universal Credit hotline (0345 600 0723).

Options for support can be found here.