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The following estates are resident parking only and you need to display a permit if you wish to park on the estate. To apply for a permit, click here to download an application form.

Aeroville, NW9  – (flat no. 1-60)
Belle Vue Estate, NW4 – 1-128 Longford Court, 1-46 Bell Court, 1-45 Lisselton House, 1-42 Rockfield House,1-27 Midford House, 1-24 Ashwood House, 1-21 Acrefield House
Granville Road Estate, NW2
The Woodlands  – (flat no. 1-42)
Caney Mews, NW2 (flat no.1-24) plus 30,30a, 31, 31a, 32, 32a Claremont Road NW2 1BR (these properties are next to the estate and should be included on the parking scheme)
Norfolk Close, N2
Prospect Ring, N2
Silk House/Shoelands Court, NW9
The Chestnuts, NW9 6BY – (no.1-12)
Fosters Estate, NW4
Church End, NW4
Blessbury Road estate – (flat no. 71-97a) also including 1-10 Hemmings Court, 1-30 Lynford Close
Tadbourne Court – (flat no.1-23, also including no’s 10a & 10b)
Sheaveshill Court – (flat no.1-96)
Sydney Road estate –  no. 148-270, 225-231, 237-271, 273-307, also including 1-16 Melbourne Court, 1-6 Brisbane Court, 1-6 Sydney House, 1-6 Cromwell House
The Avenue N11 1NF  – no.1-13