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Barnet Homes’ film tackles youth homelessness

Barnet Homes commissioned youth charity Exposure to produce a film to show how the mediation work that we can provide to help prevent young people from becoming homeless.

Homeless Truths, is set in the borough of Barnet and is seen through the eyes of a 16-year-old boy, Riley, who is experiencing problems at home which lead to him becoming homeless.

Upon the completion of the film Barnet Homes commissioned Nutmeg CommUNITY to hold a number of interactive workshops with young people in Barnet schools. They engaged with a total of 221 14-17 year olds

Charlie Kanareck, Early Intervention and Prevention Manager for Barnet Homes said: “We chose Exposure to do this film for us because we were very impressed with the youth work they have done in the local area, particularly with young people in Stonegrove estates youth club.”

Exposure’s Development Officer Flo Codjoe added, “The aim of the film was for it to used as a practical guide for professionals and other organisations who work with young people to prevent youth homelessness.”

Since 2009, the prevention outcome of young people in Barnet presenting as homeless has risen to 80 per cent, whilst the number of young people going into temporary accommodation has dropped by more than half because of a stronger emphasis on family mediation and prevention.

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Look out for a bus shelter awareness campaign that has been put together by the young people in some of the workshops.

Aim to Be

Aim to Be (A2B) is a peer mentoring scheme that one of our youth providers Nutmeg CommUNITY, is delivering in schools on behalf of The Barnet Group. The scheme launched in September 2013 and its aim is to train up 40 mentors and 40 mentors each quarter for a period of three years. So far 350 young people have been engaged in the peer mentoring scheme in four separate secondary schools.

The programme supports young people’s progress in school by pairing them with an older student (the mentor) who helps them navigate school work, personal development and healthy living. This relationship helps increase their self-esteem, addresses behavioural issues and raises their aspirations.

The scheme is open to all students who feel that they could benefit from peer mentoring, or older students who want to help younger students achieve their goals. A2B currently operates in three schools: Hendon School, London Academy and Whitefields School, and previously in St Mary’s High School