Emergency Temporary Accommodation (ETA)

///Emergency Temporary Accommodation (ETA)
Emergency Temporary Accommodation (ETA) 2016-07-01T15:36:57+00:00

We provide Emergency Temporary Accommodation (ETA) to customers when they become homeless. ETA is not a long-term solution to your housing problem.

We will make you one suitable offer of ETA. We will determine that the property is suitable based on the information that you provided during your housing needs assessment.

If you do not accept our offer of suitable ETA, we will not help you find any other emergency temporary accommodation. You will have to make your own housing arrangements until we make you a long-term offer of accommodation, which is likely to be a form of private rented accommodation. This may take a significant amount of time.

You do not have to move into ETA in order for us to assist you with finding longer-term accommodation in the future. If you are able to stay with family or friends instead of in ETA, please let us know. Staying with family and friends may be more convenient if you want to stay in a particular area.

Key things to remember:

  • You will be provided with accommodation on the day before you become homeless.
  • Accommodation will be provided based on what you need rather than what you want.
  • Accommodation may not be in Barnet or London. It may not have as many bedrooms as you need.
  • You will need to arrange storage for your non-essential belongings.
  • If your benefits have been capped, you may need a Discretionary Housing Payment to help pay the rent.

You can download a copy of Barnet Council’s Temporary Accommodation Placements Policy by clicking here, and our Temporary Accommodation Procurement Policy by clicking here.