There has been heating and hot water supply issues in a number of blocks at Grahame Park. This was due to a broken pipe located underground between blocks Marsh and Martynside.

Following an excavation of the area around the burst pipe to expose it enough to be able to repair it, engineers have been hard at work all day and we are pleased to inform that the issue has now been resolved. The supply of heating and hot water has been restored. As the district heating system that serves most of the homes on Grahame Park is a very large system, it will take 3-4 hours to achieve its full operating temperature so we ask for your further patience during this time.

It is possible that air-locks can occur in the system meaning that some properties need manual intervention to get their heating systems functioning and therefore if you are still experiencing any problems after 4 hours, we ask that you contact our heating engineer Purdy directly on 01992 703 410 who have prepared with additional resources to assist.

Should you have any special requirements, please notify the operator at the time. Purdy will arrange an appointment with you for operatives to attend your property and rectify the fault.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

We are currently experiencing high call volumes on our Customer Contact Centre, meaning customers may have to wait longer to speak to an advisor. If your query is about heating, hot water or the provision of a temporary heater, you are advised to call Purdy on 019 9270 3410.